Voices of Niagara: Lou Paonessa, Robert Moses Niagara Power Project

We interviewed Lou Paonessa about the history of hydro-electric power at Niagara Falls and the Robert Moses Niagara Power Project, New York State's biggest energy producer.   "My name is Lou Paonessa, I work in community relations at the New York Power Authority. We like to say that this is the birthplace of hydro-electricity here at … Continue reading Voices of Niagara: Lou Paonessa, Robert Moses Niagara Power Project

Niagara as a Focus for the Future

Niagara gripped the imagination of not only travellers and writers, but also of engineers and entrepreneurs.  Many of these “envisioned the fall’s industrial and economic potential as limitless” and “they imagined a colossal, utopian future that would inevitably result from the relentless human drive to subdue and transform nature.” (McGreevy) In his book Imagining Niagara  … Continue reading Niagara as a Focus for the Future

Imagining Niagara

There are three entities that go by the name "Niagara Falls":- the falls themselves and the two towns of Niagara Falls - one in New York State and one in Ontario.  The falls themselves are comprised of three waterfalls: the American Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls are on the American side, separated by … Continue reading Imagining Niagara

The Hudson River School

The Hudson River School was an American school of landscape painting that achieved its peak period of popularity in the years from 1830-1870.  The name of the movement refers to the artists’ preferred subject: the Hudson River Valley in New York State and the surrounding area, including the Catskill, Adirondack and White Mountains.  The second … Continue reading The Hudson River School