The documentary photography project Human Accumulations explores the related themes of Nature, Progress and American Identity through a comparison of five iconic East Coast American landscapes, as they were represented in the nineteenth century by the artist Regis Gignoux, and as they appear today through the lens of his descendant, Alan Gignoux.

Human Accumulations will culminate in an exhibition that will include photographs by Alan Gignoux and paintings by Regis Gignoux; we also plan to publish a photographer’s book documenting the project.

The Human Accumulations blog, written by Alan’s creative partner on the project, Jenny Christensson, accompanies the creative development of the project.

Each location visit will be preceded by two weeks of frequent blog posts giving background information about Regis’ work and the history of the location since the mid nineteenth century.  During the visit, we will post daily, showing Alan and Jenny at work during the creative process.  Following each visit there will be a series of posts sharing Alan’s photographic work.  Between visits we will post a minimum of once a week, sharing information about the development of the project.

Alan and Jenny

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Alan Gignoux and Jenny Christensson have known each other since childhood.  As adults they have co-operated on documentary photography and multimedia projects since 2005, with Alan acting as photographer and videographer and Jenny assuming the roles of researcher, writer and curator.  Projects on which they have worked together include: Homeland Lost, a series of photo essays looking at long-term refugee crises around the world and two multimedia projects which explore the environmental effects of fossil fuels extraction – Appalachia: Mountaintops to Moonscapes and Oil Sands.

Alan Gignoux is the creative force behind Gignouxphotos, an established multimedia company, focusing on socio-political and environmental controversies around the world.  Read more

Jenny Christensson is a freelance curator working with artists from around the world on commissions, exhibitions and public art projects. Read more

Other Contributors

Alan and Jenny would like to thank other members of the team who have helped to get his project off the ground:

Chloe Juno (Creative Consultant)

Emily MacAulay (Graphic Design)

Eirini Lemos (Research)