Voices of Niagara: Jim Hill, Niagara Parks Commission, Ontario

My name is Jim Hill, I’m the Senior Manager of Heritage, for the Niagara Parks Commission. Our park has been around since 1885 and we’re an agency of the Province of Ontario.  Our mandate is to preserve the nature and heritage along the Niagara corridor on the Canadian side of the river.  When we were … Continue reading Voices of Niagara: Jim Hill, Niagara Parks Commission, Ontario

Failed Utopias and Dystopian Futures

Gillette's was not the only Utopian plan for the Falls - also in the 1890's William T. Love attempted to raise money to construct Model City, an urban development scheme designed around a canal and a hydroelectric plant,  with housing for more than 1 million people.  Love's plans collapsed after his investors backed out as … Continue reading Failed Utopias and Dystopian Futures

Niagara Falls, 1855

This painting by Regis of Niagara Falls, now in the High Museum in Atlanta, provided the inspiration for our visit to the falls and will be the starting point for Alan's creative response to this location.  It is a delicately coloured summertime view of the falls with little sign of human intervention aside from the … Continue reading Niagara Falls, 1855