Voices of Niagara: Jeff Morrow, The Book Corner

“My name is Jeff Morrow, I own The Book Corner here on Main Street in Niagara Falls. Our family came into the Falls in the ‘60s and bought this store, the Book Corner, so I grew up locally, living in Hyde Park first, and then moving to Lewiston.  My earlier childhood memories are of spending … Continue reading Voices of Niagara: Jeff Morrow, The Book Corner

Voices of Niagara: Charles Harris, Project Green Space

"My name is Charles Harris, I am a Youth Center Assistant at The Connection Center, an after school programme run by Planned Parenthood.  Being a Youth Center Assistant I work in the kitchen, I fund different type of activities and I’m the Director of Project Green Space.  Project Green Space is basically what you see … Continue reading Voices of Niagara: Charles Harris, Project Green Space

Voices of Niagara: Lou Paonessa, Robert Moses Niagara Power Project

We interviewed Lou Paonessa about the history of hydro-electric power at Niagara Falls and the Robert Moses Niagara Power Project, New York State's biggest energy producer.   "My name is Lou Paonessa, I work in community relations at the New York Power Authority. We like to say that this is the birthplace of hydro-electricity here at … Continue reading Voices of Niagara: Lou Paonessa, Robert Moses Niagara Power Project

Niagara as a Focus for the Future

Niagara gripped the imagination of not only travellers and writers, but also of engineers and entrepreneurs.  Many of these “envisioned the fall’s industrial and economic potential as limitless” and “they imagined a colossal, utopian future that would inevitably result from the relentless human drive to subdue and transform nature.” (McGreevy) In his book Imagining Niagara  … Continue reading Niagara as a Focus for the Future

Niagara, The Table Rock – Winter, 1847

As determined as any of the artists of his day to paint the definitive representation of Niagara, Regis painted many  views of the falls.  According to Adamson, the artist's Niagara, The Table Rock – Winter from 1847 was one of the earliest ambitious winter portrayals.  The composition is a conventional view, which Regis individualises by presenting the … Continue reading Niagara, The Table Rock – Winter, 1847

Niagara Falls, Ontario, April 6th

6.30am - Jetlag has got the better of me and I slip out the back door of the Lion's Head Inn.  The inn is on the riverside road and I jog along the sidewalk, ignoring a sign saying "Sidewalk closed for winter season, November - April."  It's 0 degrees and the river is covered in … Continue reading Niagara Falls, Ontario, April 6th

Nature’s Grandest Scene in Art

From 1760-1900 Niagara Falls was the most frequently described and depicted natural wonder in North America, appearing not only in paintings and engravings, but also in more unusual contexts, such as on dinnerware, wallpaper, sheet music and lamp shades.  Although they were a spectacular sight, the falls' overwhelming popularity can be explained by the way … Continue reading Nature’s Grandest Scene in Art

Imagining Niagara

There are three entities that go by the name "Niagara Falls":- the falls themselves and the two towns of Niagara Falls - one in New York State and one in Ontario.  The falls themselves are comprised of three waterfalls: the American Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls are on the American side, separated by … Continue reading Imagining Niagara

Niagara Falls, 1855

This painting by Regis of Niagara Falls, now in the High Museum in Atlanta, provided the inspiration for our visit to the falls and will be the starting point for Alan's creative response to this location.  It is a delicately coloured summertime view of the falls with little sign of human intervention aside from the … Continue reading Niagara Falls, 1855

Sacred Places

Of the five places that we have decided to visit for Human Accumulations, four are to some extent protected by conservation laws.  The immediate area around Niagara Falls on the American side is a State Park, founded in 1885, deemed to be the oldest in the USA. Part of the White Mountain region was designated … Continue reading Sacred Places